600 N. Hudson Street, Silver City, NM  88061 | Phone: 575-534-9172 | Fax: 575-388-4845


Residents enjoy a great variety of individual and group activities.

  • Daily Stretching Exercises
  • Daily Bingo
  • Weekly Sing-along
  • Puzzles, Dominoes, and many other games always available
  • Weekly Outings in the MALC Van to Bill Evans Lake, the SC Museum, Etc.
  • Once-a-Week Lunch at one of Silver City’s Restaurants
  • Community Concerts when performed
  • Weekly Book Group Discussion when desired by residents
  • Friday Night Movie & Popcorn
  • Raised-bed gardening
  • WILL brown bag lunches
  • Senior Center lunches and activities
  • Shopping
  • 4th of July Parade activities
  • Picnics on the patio with community groups
  • Entertainment by musicians, singers, children's groups, and more

10 Best Things!

Ten ways Millie’s Assisted Living differs drom other assisted living facilities

  1. Our family-style living is casual and comfortable, including family-style meals. Family and friends of residents are encouraged to stay for meals.
  2. Downtown Silver City is so close that residents can walk or go there in wheelchairs.
  3. Millie’s Assisted Living has many open areas for residents to use—three patios (one with a pond, waterfall, and fish), a multi-purpose room, and a library—in addition to the dining room and living room. Also, Friends of Millie’s is developing a “park” behind Millie’s with fruit trees, gardens, and native plants.
  4. Small pets are allowed.
  5. Staff members interact socially at least daily with each resident.
  6. Healthy snacks are available 24-hours a day.
  7. Social, recreational, cultural, and physical activities.
  8. Doctors make house calls to residents.
  9. Furnished or unfurnished—bring what you want to make this your home.

If a resident’s health deteriorates but s/he wants to remain at Millie’s Assisted Living, we are willing to go through state-mandated procedures to try and accomplish this.