600 N. Hudson Street, Silver City, NM  88061 | Phone: 575-534-9172 | Fax: 575-388-4845

From Residents, Family & Friends

“It was so good for my sister. There is no other place like it. She was so happy there.”
Sister of former resident

“Mom loves living there and is extremely happy.”
— Daughter of resident

“My aunt felt very safe and loved. She particularly liked the food.”
— Niece of former resident

“The homey atmosphere and caring staff make for a positive experience at a time in life when it’s difficult.”
— Daughter of resident

“Silver City is lucky to have this hidden jewel on Hudson Street. Madame Millie would be proud!”
— Silver City nurse

“My Mom and her dog were so lucky to have Millie’s as their second home.”
— Barry, son of Adele Namm

“When the time comes I’ll go to Millie’s myself.”
— Son of resident

“I never imagined I’d find an assisted living situation as good as Millie’s.”
— Son of resident

“Staff are kind, gentle and loving”
— Husband of resident (Alex Paterson)

“I keep hearing about these old people being taken advantage of. . . . I must have died and gone to heaven to have landed in such a wonderful place.”
— A Resident.

Millie’s -  A Poem by Alex Paterson

There’s a home called Millie’s Place.
Where good folks look at each other with a fond embrace.

We call it a Care Center, but it’s more than that.
It’s a pleasant place where a person is proud to hang his hat.The folks there are so special, in so many ways.
And their kindness helps the clientele to have pleasant days.

Our friend Eric, he’s in the one in charge, he’s always checking to make sure all is right.
He’s always available day or night.

And good, healthy food is prepared in Sally’s kitchen
And served hot and tasty
Always on time, always very hasty.

She can make a cake only matched by Mrs. Toney, xpiced with fruit, nuts and raisins
made with no effort spared
Just all for us to share.

Another great, wonderful thing that makes our luncheon special is when Irma reads a daily devotion.
She reads it with such meaning
Just like the Lord’s emotion.

We can’t express the appreciation we have for Yesika, Irene, Irma and all the girls
Who give such loving care
They give such love which they do share.

When the folks at Millie’s need a little help, a kind word is always given
a smile always forthcoming
Like the sun on a happy morning.

So, we thank God for Millie’s and all the girls who work there.